Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peak period now !

One month din post any news at here le. Nw everyday busy for work and study . (Study 20%, work 80%). hehe. tis month went to eat many nice food oso. went to eat steamboat (1-lovely colleagues& 2-Amias's colleague) for twice, bbq (wif my besta machhiee) and sushi king (lovely colleagues) !!!Like all the foods and happy can had a gathering wif fren! OMG ! I might become fat! Need to diet le.hehe. Hmm.. time fly very fast. Almost end of April 2011 le. Tat mean my exam is coming soon too. Nid to start concentrate for my study le.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nice day wif my best frenn !

Mei Fen bek from S'pore frm 10/03 till 18/03.Miss her very much. :) Long time din meet Jia Huei oso. 10/3 Mei Fen baru come bek to Kuching. 11/3 Was going to her hz for gathering n BBQ after had my F5 class. So tired bt worth it cz can meet them !So sayang, Chze cun join us. Long time din mee tiok her le.Had a great nite wif them n Mei Fen's family. They all very frenly:)
Last meet__17/3/11 meet Jia Huei and Mei Fen at Spring. Although long time we din not meet each other, bt i'm glad tat we still got many topic to talk and sharing life experience:O !! At last, we take sum photo for tis great & crazy nite :) Nice day with both of u !!! mIss u guys !
19/3 was going to K-Box wif Rui Ping. HAha. Ya. only both of us. Sing loudly n throw away all thee worries tat we had. Rui Ping's is loud n suitable for singing. Not same as mine.. (Lousy voice ) hehe. OMG! Rui Ping totally forgot tat she had get back the I/C before we enter the room. After 2 and 1/2 hrs, we wana leave and told the receptionist tat haven get beck the I/C. After c the CCTV at counter, baru noe tat actually she got take back the I/C and put inside the pulse. Reali paiseh ahhh.....Rui Ping fetch me bek home. haha.1st time and the 1st person tumpang her car.hehe. On the way go out from the car park, her car suddenly 'enjin mati' at the half hills of the car park entry. OMG! reali swt. Luckily no car behind her car. Nervous!!!haha. reali was an unforgotten day. haha.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 2011 !

Wah. time pass very fast oh. Chinese New Year 2011 was over !
Tis Chinese New Year was meaningful!! Spent more time wif my macchiee ! Hopefully next year will have more fun and memorable !! We need to take more photo in the future time! ALicia, Ai Sing, Joyce, Sing Yi, Ah bIan, Ik thing, Kei Xian, Yun Kien and Yi lUn, u guys are my besta forever !!!!! Hope Yi Lun and Alicia can come bek next year during the CNY !!!! Misss u allll ***! Love u all :) Planning go to beach wif u guys!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

15/1 - 16/1/2011 Lundu Retreat's trip !!

Finally, this day is came ! hehe. In the early morning, woke up to play my fb game 1st before went to Lundu ! 10sumting , Amias came brought me to fetch Ah Seng n Carol went to Boulevard. We went thr to buy some Tibit for our trip! Then, we had our lunch at Boulevard food court! We saw Lina but luckily she din saw us. If nt, Michelle will noe bout our trip. hehe.We started to go Lundu arond 12 sumting. The weather was good, no raining with sunshine!! Yeah!
Omos 2pm, we were reached! We walk around n took photo! Luckily, we can check-in 1st cz Chu Wui(the reservation is under her name) not yet reached! We rest n play card in the room! Chu Wui them reached thr omos 5pm. (Luckily can check-in 1st, if nt we all wana fainted liao) The chalets is nice n modern! bt no other entertainment at thr! Only Beach n swimming pool !hehe.
At nite, we went to buffet for our dinner which is provided. Although nt much variety available, but we were very full ate! Everyone ate a lots ! My dear ate many lamb on tat nite. Lamb nite!!hehe. Had fun n Laugh A lots wif them ! Happy n enjoy the trip !!
2nd day, we went to eat our breakfast 2gether! Oso nt much variety. We ate a lots egg ! 12pm check-out n bek home le.Time pass very fast ah!
So happy n enjoy from this trip !!! :) Hope can hav more trip in the future !!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day for Year 2010 !

2day afternoon, We went to Life Cafe to eat malakmian ! hehe.Finally all of us can meet 2gether after their finally exam ! Hehe. after we ate, Joyce fetch me n ah Bian go Hock Lee Centre shopping all. Bt we did not buy anything.Have fun 2day although tat is short time. :) duno when we hang out like 2day le, since everyone is bz wif their study.Hope CNY will have a memorable date wif all of my machiee!
I start study next year too. I will become more bz n tired.hehe.
YA 2010 past so fast.Many things changed n happened! I learn many things in this year. Hope next year will be better.:) Gambateh !

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet 20th birthday !

Hmm... Finally i'm 20th years old le. Time to grow up.Everything had been change slowly.hehe. Tis year, my birthday reali sweet oh. 1st celebration were held at er shu's hz on the end of October 2010.The characters of this celebration involved my lovely grandma, xiao shu mu, Mandy, my sister n I. Although jz a small cakes for us, but tat was enough for us .Felt touch and happy can celebrate 2gether wif them.
Next, the 2nd celebration were held on 07/11/2010 at D11 Steamboat wif my lovely colleague oh. This celebration is for 'NOV babies'--- Chu Wui N I !We had a wonderful nite n very full of foods! There are many fresh foods available. It was Cheap & Tasty ! Nice !
3rd celebration is on 23/11/2010 wif my lovely ji mui/bestie at Basaga Holiday Residences!! Thank you to Kei Xian, Ik Thing n Joycelyn for the celebration. I had a great celebration wif u guys. I like the cakes n the prsesent very much. If Alicia, Icing, Joyce n Ah Bian can attend, reali prefect oh.Thank you to four u guys oso for the wishing message.I love u all =)
4rd celebration is on 24/11/2010 wif my dear.hehe.We had a "crab lunch' at my house.after that,We went to BDC to play bowling. I reali dun hav skills on it, oways 'wash the longkang' haha.After that, we went to KBOX oh. Thank you to Ah Bian for display the wording at tv.haha.We went to Joyous Shanghai Restaurant for dinner. Thank you to my dear for the present, cakes n do many things for me.I love u ! ;)
It was a memorable NOVEMBER 2010!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy !

Jz saw the Alicia's blog said that she will bek to Kuching during CNY! yeah ! Glad to noe that. Tis coming new year, we must celebrate CNY happily, enjoy and appreciate the time we gather 2gether ! COuntdown !!! We need to take many photo for our happy moments!!